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Great for shade withpretty fernlike foliage, astibe comes in a wide selection of colors.
Pampas Grass
Provides a great focal planting with year round interest. Tall white flowers in late summer.
An array of blues, whites, reds and pinks on tall upright stems. A summer treasure planted in clumps.
Flowering in mid summer these beauties are long lasting, thrive in a sunny site and come in a variety of colors. White, pink-purple, crimson and coral-maroon.
Hemerocallis or Lily's
A true summer perennial in hundreds of shades, from dwarfs to three feet tall. Can be planted in slightly shaded spots in the garden to add an abundance of summer color.
Talk about a diversity of colors and textures. Hosta has bold leaves in an assortment of hues, blues, yellow-greens, white and greens, chartreuse and solid greens. They thrive in shade and range from tiny dwarfs through giant three-foot specimens.
Clumps of either solid green or variegated blades give way to purple or white flower spikes in late summer. Liriope does well in borders with partial shade they are evergreen plants.
Also known as loosestrife, beautiful purple, pink, or red flowers in mid summer on strong upright stems. This perennial thrives in full sun or semi shade.
Ostrich Fern
In partial shade the light color green of the Ostrich fern brings a cool moist feeling to any shade garden. Mature plants several years old can grow to five feet.
Fountain grass has narrow leaves and feathery flower plumes, which give the plants their appeal and charm. Leaf color and flowers vary with each cultivar. This grass will do best in a sheltered sunny spot.
Oriental Poppy
Flowers in early summer in a riot of colors. Plant in a sunny site. The poppy will provide you with a burst of color and even though they are short lived in bloom, are worth planting for their color value.
Achillea or Yarrow
This perennial flowers from mid- to late summer in full sun. The flower head is flat and wide. The foliage is delicate and fernlike with a fragrant aroma. Tolerates drought conditions and comes back year in and year out.

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